The only true Rand stablecoin

ZARP is a cryptocurrency pegged to the price of the South African Rand (ZAR). 1 ZARP equals 1 ZAR, stored in our treasury account. ZARP is the only bank-approved, fully backed, transparent, and audited stablecoin for the South African Rand.

ZARP is still in closed testing. If you would like to buy ZARP, list us on your exchange, or just get in touch, please drop us a mail.



Traders Use the only true Rand stablecoin with guaranteed liquidity. Hedge against volatility, store value, and make efficient transfers.


Exchanges Attract more users and trading volume while building trust by listing a transparent stablecoin that is fully backed.


Users Store and move value quickly and efficiently, without volatility. Use ZARP like cash.


DeFi Protocols Unlock solid liquidity with an audited stablecoin, pegged by one of the world's top currencies.